Terms of use

These terms apply to use of Notify. Your account manager must accept them.

When using Notify

Follow Canadian law with regard to the Privacy Act when using this software.

You must:

  • complete all security steps required by your organisation.
  • tell us immediately if you have any security breaches.
  • keep your API (Application Programming Interface) codes secure. API technology allows different software applications to communicate with each other.
  • get consent to send messages and to use data. This consent must meet standards set by privacy legislation including the federal Privacy Act.
  • check that the data you add to Notify is accurate and complies with privacy legislation including the federal Privacy Act.
  • not send messages containing any personally or commercially sensitive information.
  • not send unsolicited messages. Messages must be about transactions or subscriptions. Please follow the transaction and subscription criteria in the GOV.UK Service Manual. Please remember that other parts of the GOV.UK Manual may not apply in the Canadian context.

If you don’t follow these terms, we may need to stop sending your messages.

Notify will:

  • send the messages you write, as long as these messages comply with our terms of use.
  • show how Notify is working through our performance and status pages.
  • keep your data secure.
  • give you one month’s notice by email if we change our terms of use or delivery providers.

Leaving Notify

You can leave Notify at any time. Just contact us and we’ll close your account.

We’ll delete all your data when we close your account.