Template Formatting


To put a title in your template, use a hash:

# This is a title

To make bullet points, use asterisks:

* point 1
* point 2
* point 3

To emphasize text, use a caret. There will be a grey bar beside the text you want to emphasize:

^ You must tell us if your circumstances change

To add a horizontal line, use three dashes:

First paragraph


Second paragraph

Add personal information

Use double brackets to add personal information about the recipient:

Hello ((first name)), your reference is ((ref number))

Optional content

You can enter optional content in your template by uploading a spreadsheet with information about your users.

For example, your spreadsheet may include the age of each user. You want users who are under 18 to receive optional content. Use double brackets and ‘??’ to include the optional content.

((under18??Please get your application signed by a parent or guardian.))

For each recipient on your spreadsheet, you must indicate:
‘yes’ to show optional content
‘no’ to hide optional content

Links and URLs

Always use full URLs, starting with https://

Apply now at https://www.canada.ca/example